As a leading manufacturer and supplier to the petroleum industry, Lincoln Manufacturing has delivered the products and services that demanding oil and gas operations need most in order to stay productive, efficient, and ultimately competitive – for over 30 years.


LTC – Long Threaded Connection
STC – Short Threaded Connection
BTC – Buttress Threaded Connection

Our precision couplings are manufactured to half specification standards as published and in accordance with API 5CT and its most recent edition. Achieving this standard in manufacturing assures the user of a true fit coupling for every coupling make up, minimizes material stack up issues.

The material used is milled as domestic seamless, manufactured to the highest standards of API. We ensure all testing and material certifications are conforming to industry standards and customer defined requirements and control of specialty processes:

Mechanical Test Including Tensile Strength
Impact Test
Chemical Properties Control
Sulfide Stress Cracking Test (for Material Grades in C90 or T95)
Size Tolerances, Od, Wall Thickness, Length and Straightness
Threads Control, Threads Quantity Per Inch, Threads Angle
Heat Treating
Material Certification
Product Specification Level (Psl-2 or Psl-3)


Lincoln strives to reduce the total cost of ownership in material management by offering a variety of specialized services associated with bulk storage and inventory management. With over 70 acres of storage covered and uncovered in Texas and Ohio, there is Lincoln facility in reach of your immediate needs. Lincoln’s unique Supply Chain Management (SCM) capabilities reduce cost with improved logistics and integrating a multitude of supply chain needs under one roof and one supplier.


Full length threading

Coupling buck on and torque

Threading repair

Swedge and up-setting pipe

Stress Relief


Storage before and after manufacturing

Rail access inbound and outbound

Access to warehouse in most major fields

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Wet Mag, UT, EMI

Customized pipe tally and identification

Real-time, accurate, inventory status.