Lincoln recognizes that all of our business practices are impacted by the daily activities of our people. Safety, quality, teamwork, and constant improvement are critical to our success.

It is the policy of Lincoln Manufacturing to ensure a healthy, safe work environment for all of our employees. We believe that there is nothing more important. Lincoln fosters a culture of prevention and awareness, where every employee is empowered to be a leader pertaining to safety, identifying and correcting potential hazards in their daily workplace. Everyone at Lincoln is expected and encouraged to participate in programs that protect us from accident and injury at each of our locations.

In addition to employee safety, Lincoln is committed to protection of our community. Lincoln promotes environmentally safe facilities, using specialized third party companies for the disposal of all waste, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Lincoln maintains strict compliance with all local, state and federal regulatory agency requirements.

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Safety quality teamwork and constant improvement