Steel Tee (Equal and Reducing Tee) – Common Use Pipe Fittings

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Micro Pile manufactured in Texas

Steel tee is a T-shaped pipe fittings that has three branches, normally has two forms with Equal Tee and Reducing Tee (Tee reducer), both are used to divide (combine) the pipelines to adjust the flow rate and change the direction.

Steel pipe tee has been be widely used in different industries, according to material types there are:

Stainless steel tee
Carbon steel tee
Alloy steel tee

According to connecting types, there are:

Butt weld tee
Socket weld tee
Threaded tee

As far as we know, steel tee has many types, then how much do you know about above each type of tee? How to distinguish them and select the best one you need?

Below we will explain with more specifications.

Steel Reducing Tee and Equal Tee

Steel Equal Tee pipe fittings: The three branches of tee have same diameters.
Steel Reducing Tee / Reducer tee pipe fittings: The branch diameter is smaller than the main line diameter. Tee reducer is usually described as NPS diameters in 4” x 4” x 3”, 4” is the main line pipe diameter, and 3” is the reducing branch.

Reducing tee is used more than equal tee since it has more functions and available for more environments.

Junn Joly

Junn Joly

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